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Japanese KAI Pure Komachi knives

Kai Pure KomachiPure Komachi, the trendy series from KAI. The playful style of this knife series combines functionality and design.
The high-quality stainless steel has been given a coloured coating that is similar to Teflon. As a result foodstuffs are less likely to cling to the blade and the different knives are easily recognizable by their colour code.
New additions to the range are multi-purpose knives that are especially suited to peeling and preparing fruit and vegetables as well as cutting cheese. These knives are available either with a straight or a serrated edge and come with a highly practical stand-up blade cover.
Warning: This is well the PURE-KOMACHI series (MADE IN JAPAN)
not to be confused with the Pure-Komachi-2 series (made in China)

KAI traditional japanese knives - AB-1100 PURE-KOMACHI series - green SANTOKU knife
KAI traditional japanese knives - AB-1101 PURE-KOMACHI series - rose Chef´s knife
KAI japanese knives - AB-1273 PURE-KOMACHI series green utility knife including stand-up blade cover

KAI The Tokyo-based KAI Group has for more than 90 years manufactured cutlery and related products of exceptional function, sharpness and durability.
It’s these qualities that presently place japanese knives by KAI among the world’s best.
The common denominator of quality and perfection is based on the ancient culture and tradition of Japanese Samurai sword forging.
The KAI Group is present over the world with more than 10.000 different items related to cutting.
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