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KAI PURE KOMACHI Japanese knives sets

    made in Japan made in Japan
Set [3] of 3 KAI PURE-KOMACHI series japanese knives
AB1276 tomatoes - AB1273 green utility - AB1274 yellow utility
including own colored stand-up blade cover

::::: 54.41 EUR  
blade 10cm - handle 10,8cm
Infos currencies : +/- 357FRF, 2195BEF, 82USD
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Kai Pure KomachiPure Komachi, the trendy series from KAI. The playful style of this knife series combines functionality and design.
The high-quality stainless steel has been given a coloured coating that is similar to Teflon. As a result foodstuffs are less likely to cling to the blade and the different knives are easily recognizable by their colour code.
New additions to the range are multi-purpose knives that are especially suited to peeling and preparing fruit and vegetables as well as cutting cheese. These knives are available either with a straight or a serrated edge and come with a highly practical stand-up blade cover.
Warning: This is well the PURE-KOMACHI series (MADE IN JAPAN)
not to be confused with the Pure-Komachi-2 series (made in China)



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