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Japanese knives for the Kitchen

One Japanese knife is a on-line shop where you can buy high quality of Japanese knives from well knowed marks or from artisanal making, hand forged. All the knives are really made in Japan. The Japanese cutlery with kitchen knives and pocket knives -made in Japan-

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Japanese knives - high quality kitchen cutlery - hand forged and artisanal knives
Japanese making - Made in Japan

Yu Kurosaki Megumi - The Damascus blade is hammered and engravedThe Yu Kurosaki japanese kitchen knives have a stainless steel blade
(VG-10 - 61/62 Rockwell hardness), in hammered DAMAS. The handle made of cherry and wood.
Made in Japan, Takefu Knife Village

The Katsushige Anryu japanese kitchen knives have a blade with a core of high-carbon steel
(Aokami 2 - 61/62 Rockwell hardness), covered with two layers of stainless steel.
The slight handle made of rosewood and the blade is hammered and engraved, Japanese atmosphere guaranteed! Made in Japan, Takefu Knife Village
Knives range: Petty, Santoku, Gyuto

This series handmade by KATSUSHIGE ANRYU was named KUMO (cloud) because the design of the Damascus blade looks like clouds. The Masakage Kumo japanese knives are handmade with VG10 stainless steel. The octagonal handle is made from Rosewood and black Pakka wood.

The Fujiwara Teruyasu Denka japanese knives are handmade in one piece (blade, bolster and core of the handle) in Aogami Super high carbon steel (1.4% 64-65 HRC) the blade is covered with two layers of stainless steel, the handle is western style black Pakka wood.

KAI The Tokyo-based KAI Group has for more than 90 years manufactured cutlery and related products of exceptional function, sharpness and durability.
It’s these qualities that presently place japanese knives by KAI among the world’s best.
The common denominator of quality and perfection is based on the ancient culture and tradition of Japanese Samurai sword forging.
The KAI Group is present over the world with more than 10.000 different items related to cutting.
» download the KAI catalog (PDF +/- 10 MB)
Tim MALZER edition
Tim MALZER edition  - Kai Shun Premier -


WAHOO japanese knives
Wahoo Damascus Japanese knives made in JapanWahoo Japanese knives VG-10 steel core and up to 33 damascus layers.
Steel hardness of 60 degrees on the Rockwell scale
Bublinga wood handle and bufalo horn bolster.
Founded in 1908 by Master Tenshu Fukumoto, the Sekizo company works today with the modern technology but keep his centuries-old cultural heritage. Made in Japan
Santoku, Yanagi-ba, Chief, Sandwich, Bread, Peeler knives
KIWAMI japanese knives
The Kiwami kitchen knives have a blade witch offers a prime stainless both sides milled Damaststahl with 33 layers and a core of high-quality AUS 8 steel.
The slight handle made of poplar wood and stainless steel gives a ligth apparence while Pakka wood and full bolster that extends the blade is best suited for professionals.
The knife is in a pretty gift box with a Japanese ambience.
Made in Seki, Japan
Santoku, hamkiri, gyuto knives
The KASUMI MASTERPIECE knife (MP) is the special limited version that has been developed by combining the best technologies from the experience and the continuous improvement in producing original KASUMI knives for over a decade. KASUMI MP is the best KASUMI knives ever!
Santoku, Chef, Peeler knives

The young blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka works in the Japanese city of Miki, after he learn the trade with a famous knife maker in Takefu, he makes now traditional japanese kitchen knives.
SHIGEKI TANAKA japanese knives
Steel hardness of 61-62 degrees on the Rockwell scale
Magnolia wood handle and buffalo horn bolster.
Each knife comes in a gift box from Kiri wood (Paulownia tomentosa, Fam. Scrophulariaceae) delivered.
Santoku, Yanagi-ba, Nakiri, Deba knives
Japanese Knives SHIGEKI-TANAKA Golded Phoenix decorated bolster
Shigeki Tanaka japanese knives series 3D Suminagashi blade into 32 layers, the cutting edge is forged from stainless steel-VG-10, hardness +/- 61 Hrc.
These knives are distinguished by their remarkably light weight. Professional chefs love the knives are positioned comfortably in the hand for easy work.
Shigeki Tanaka japanese knives series 3D
Combining an ancient tradition of Japanese lacquerware with a fine blade to create a unique masterpiece. In Japan, the art of lacquerware has been developed to ultimate perfection. Japanese artisans have redesigned the magnolia wood handles of the new URUSHI series following this technique. They are coated with deep black urushi* varnish and show highly attractive fine gold decorations on the handle.
Hard Blue Paper Steel (61-62 Rockwell hardness) is used for the core cutting layer and low alloyed steels for the outer Suminagashi layers. Every piece is hand signed and packed in a beautiful case made of kiriwood. Polished buffalo horn ferrule.
*Urushi is extracted from the sap of the Japanese varnish tree and has been used for varnishing furniture, bowls, jars and handles for more than 6000 years. Urushi is resistant to water, heat, alcohol, acids, alkaline solutions and solvents and it is non-aging and food-safe. Urushi varnishing is considered the supreme discipline of Japanese art of lacquering.

KATSUHIRO (Kazuyuki Tanaka) Damas japanese knives
The ultimate cutting tools: Powder-Metallurgic Steel Kitchen Knives
The Japanese master blacksmith Kazuyui Tanaka processes one of the the hardest blade steel of the world* for his unique kitchen knives. They are characterised not only by their phenomenal sharpness and durability, but also by the fascinating pattern of the 65-layer blade (cutting edge of SG-2 steel), hardness 63°. These masterpieces are finished with handles made of waterproof ironwood, the densest wood in the world, mounted with a nickel silver ferrule. The pinning of the handle scales with rosette-shaped mosaic pins makes the knives real eye-catchers. Despite their top-rate cutting performance, P-M knives are hardwearing due to their rustproof blades, bevelled on both sides, and waterproof handles, making them the first choice among professional chefs.
Santoku, Yanagi-ba, Deba knives

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